Monday, September 12, 2011

More on hair loss and other things...

I have to admit the hair loss is freaking me out a lot more. Most notedly was during and after Saturday's shower. As most of you know I cut my hair short because I expected this to start happening. And as most of your post-ops know, hair generally comes out the most in the shower. Well quite a bit was coming out during that shower. I had to clean the drain, even with my short short hair.

Around my ear and on the sides of my head I think is most noticeable.
While getting ready to go out and doing  my hair I noticed just how easily I can see my scalp on the sides of my head...that really depressed me. I expected and knew about this but it is really sucking and I feel like I am going to go bald...even though I shouldn't actually go bald.

Considering Saturday was the 8 year anniversary of the day my dad died, it wasn't a really good day starting off.

Well it wasn't all terrible. I am now at 206.4lbs. That is something to celebrate even if I still feel like I am not making a lot of headway.

I have been working on pushing up my physical activity too. If you watch my youtube channel you will know, but for those who don't or haven't recently, I started training and conditioning with a local roller derby team.

I am currently a newbie on the Thunder City Derby Sirens team out of Deland. I have to admit it is starting to take over my life and is somewhat of an obsession as of lately. (and a big reason I haven't been online very much at all.

I have practices Tuesday and Thursday  for an hour and a half.

I also bought  this skate package as well as a set of outdoor wheels and as soon as they arrive I plan on doing a lot more skating practice on my own.

Sure-Grip Rebels with Invader plates ...mmm delicious...

Even though since starting I have been making progress, just like with my weight loss, I still feel like I am behind the pack (literally since thats what it's called when you are skating in the group in derby haha).

But I am keeping my chin up and I want to see this through and get to a point where I will be able to actually play.  I am still doing yoga as well since I think it is good to balance me out and also helps with balance and core muscles that I need for roller derby.

What are you up to? How are you moving?