Monday, August 22, 2011

Stepping up the game...

I feel like I am not doing enough...

It is sooo easy to get caught up when things feel like they are dragging and then next thing you know you are not doing very well.

Foodwise I am mostly behaving, but I could do better. I need to cook up other stuff, make things more interesting. I have been so tired that I haven't really wanted to do much cooking.

Speaking of tired, I am pretty sure it had to do with my low levels of Vit D. Got blood test back and that was low. Everything else looked pretty good. Iron was a little low but my multi vitamin has it in it.

Some good news- my A1c came back in normal range... it is not at a diabetic level! so does that mean no more type 2? Who knows, supposedly it is for life, but at the very least I am keeping it in control and not having to take anything for it.

I went and got one of those 7 day pill reminder cases so I don't have the excuse of forgetting my pills when I leave for work. I filled it up for the whole week and leave it in my purse. It's working like a charm and I am getting all my vitamins in now. Hopefully I see an improvement with hair and energy...

Nutritionally- I am doing pretty good...

Physically- I am slacking... I need to start moving my ass...big time. I know I could be doing so much more better if I got in regular exercise. Part of it honestly was the low vit D, because all I wanted to do was sleep. It makes sense because its been so rainy here and I have been working long hours, so very little sun.

But part of it has just been me being lazy... so I am thinking, at least some yoga, as well as toning, and some aerobics. 3 nights a week, more if possible. maybe an hour to an hour and a half of my time on those days.

I am sticking the pin-up photo shoot I bought in front of me like a carrot. I want to look the best I can by end of January so I can do this shoot and feel sexy. I've said before, maybe I can't reach goal, but I can get myself close anyways. thats 6 months away...

Truthfully sometimes I really doubt myself, and I know I need to cut that out. I can get to goal, I can reach a much lower weight (one I have never even seen in my adult life). But sometimes it still feels like a really far off dream. You know how you look around sometimes and see others that have done it, and it's like, could that really be me? I so badly want this. Some days its easier to visualize it than others though. Today is rougher...but I think days like this are what make or break you, they matter most because you have to just push through them and keep going. Other the week I lost a ton of weight  are a cake walk (minus the cake lol). The hard days are what get you to the good days again.

I suppose that is true for life in general and not just the journey of losing weight.

So, how is your day going?

Thursday, August 18, 2011

In my face :P

Sometimes a picture can speak volumes more than any words. That is all I have to say today :)

In Seattle, 1 month before surgery and 265 lbs
Yesterday, 213.2 lbs

Monday, August 15, 2011


Well... not really... but oh man, as soon as I hit 3 months out, I feel like I am shedding almost as much as my dog. She shed a lot btw. We could reconstruct several dogs out of the shed fur we are always cleaning up.

But back to me... I can't SEE the difference in my hair's thickness, but I know it's comeing out because its on my shoulders, and when I wash my hair I have a decent amount that comes off in my hands. :(

I was prepping for this but it's still a little depressing. I'll get over it though. My weight is still dropping pretty well this past week and still going. I am now down to 213.2lbs! getting close to 200!

I have a dr's appt tomorrow and plan to go get my labs done following the appt. Hopefully things look good.

Anyways... short update for now... :)

Friday, August 12, 2011

A new low...

My stall broke! Wahoo!

Im sitting pretty at 214.8 lbs today and dropping! So far about 6 lbs gone just this week. 3 months since surgery as of yesterday as well! Stalls are always a little scary, but just have to work through them and keep going. I've come to the realization that sometimes my body likes to do this.

Regardless of how well I am eating or exercising it still is reminding me that it is the head general... and it decides when...
Actual recreation of my weight loss process

Hold it....

Hold it.....

And GO! Charge!

So yea... I'll be keeping on doing what I am doing.  Watch my intake, get my butt moving...keep on going.

Now I haven't yet made a list of things I want to do when I reach certain goals...but now I have to say I have good reason to keep myself focused.

Yesterday on groupon I happened across this. That's right... 20 bucks for a pin-up/boudoir photo session ($100 value). I bought that groupon yesterday and I have until Feb 12, 2012 to use it. Now... obviously I cannot force myself to be down to my goal weight by then...though anything IS possible. But I can work hard and get my body in the best shape I can before then and have a fabulously sexy photo session.

If you haven't guessed by my banner, I absolutely love vintage looking pin-ups. My kitchen is red white and black with b&w framed postcards of betty page everywhere. So when I started on this journey I had decided that one way I would celebrate goal is by getting pin-up photos of myself. But you know what. I am going to celebrate me even when I am not at goal yet because I deserve it.

I think if I stick to it, regardless of if I am at my magical goal weight yet, I am going to have some sexy ass photos of myself.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Yoga Bugs, Hippies, Zombies, and RumpShakers

Something stranged happened this week at work. It wasn't any more stressful than usual.But something in me  

Seriously. Andrea and I are talking about doing 2 classes tomorrow instead of just the one. The second class is a bit more easy going. (It's called Big Beautiful Yoga and is aimed more towards plus-sized ladies and is a bit more gentle on you).

Also, I may have bought some new yoga gear. Like these tanks I found on clearance at target...

And a pretty purple yoga mat with a lotus flower on it :) As well as a carrying strappy thing for it :).

You have to have a mat for class and I have committed to going to these regularly now so I bought a premium one that was a bit thicker. I had a cheaper one from walmart but it ripped :(

Also I may be upgrading to a mat bag, will be convenient to carry my things around  in when we go to this event next month!

Rasa-Lila, which can be freely translated from Sanskrit into “the dance of love”, has all the makings of a nationally sought after yoga and wellness festival. Like some of its older and more seasoned festival counterparts, Rasa-Lila offers festival goers a complete one-day retreat package in a breathtaking and engaging natural setting.

Yoga - 11 different styles
Music & Entertainment - 9 musical acts
Meditation & Pranayama
Lectures & Worksops - 20
Kids Festival
Vendors - 60 local artist, restaurants and wellness specialists

I have been toying with getting into doing 5k's again. Really I only ever did one, but it was fun. I just am frugal and don't like to spend the money :( However, if this comes to Orlando... I am doing it...and training hardcore for it.

A zombie infested 5k obstacle course!!!!!!!
For those that don't know... I love everything zombie. My car is affectionately known as The Zombie Hunter and has a sticker on the back that reads "zombie outbreak response vehicle"

I'm sure I'd be amusing to watch trying to get through this 5k as I am so easily startled in everyday situations. 

Seriously the hubby can scare me so bad I shriek just by staring at me while I do my makeup in the mirror (if I didn't realize he was standing there).

He enjoys doing this regularly too. 

Me being chased by zombies that pop out of the woods at me would be hilarious for any spectator.

You know... I have noticed since I can't obsess over food anymore (seriously it's like a switch was shut off when my surgery was done) I find that I am throwing myself head long into other endeavors such as the yoga and writing and I love it. Most of them are healthy....maybe except my increased amount of time playing video games (but hey, that can be a good stress reliever too!)

One good video game I am doing is Dance Central on the Kinect. Some of the dances aren't toooo challenging or intense, but as you move down the song list and bump up the difficulty you can give yourself a decent aerobic workout!.Also you can put on workout mode and it estimates time dancing and calories burned.

Here are vids of people dancing to my 3 of my fave songs to dance to on it (and in my opinion they give GREAT workouts!

Also the video game guy is my favorite character to dance with hehehe. I <3 emo boys :)



and also

Push it

You will NOT  see ME filming myself doing these on my youtube channel though....sorry kids :)

Anyways.. I suppose that is all today. Feeling better now that I am getting in working out. Scale is sort of moving. Though I am not updating til it gets back below 219.8 since that was what I had last recorded (I think).

Have a great weekend! I'll try to do a video update at some point!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Things have been very busy at work, and just with me in general.  All good things though.I meant to do a video update this weekend but didn't get around to it. Feeling a bit under the weather this week.

I really don't have too much to talk about. My weight isn't budging for the last couple weeks which makes me a little grumpy... but I am paying more attention to my protein, as well as trying to start doing exercise regularly.

I started a yoga class on Saturday mornings. Its basic Hatha yoga and I loved it. My muscles were a little sore after, but in a good way. One of my best friends, Andrea, had been asking me to go with her and I am glad I finally did. I'll be definitely going regularly with her.

They also are trying out a bollywood dance class and I may go to that to check it out. I love dance classes and loving watching bollywood type dancing. Ive previously taken belly dancing classes and loved that. While still in school I did ballet, hip hop and tap. Dance has always been a love of mine. In fact one of the things I am thinking of doing closer to goal is a burlesque dance class.

Also, if you saw my last video you  know I have gotten back to pursuing a career as a writer. Well I finally finished my first draft of my debut novel AND am currently revising it before I hand it over to two beta readers (think like beta testers). If you are curious and dont mind my shameless self promotion, you should check out my author blog.

In case you are curious about what I am writing  here is the blurb from the back cover and the front of the book cover.

A year ago, Dillan witnessed Jamie-her fiance, being murdered.
But now, she is about to discover a secret he had been keeping from her.
A twin brother named Trey.
But when his estranged brother knocks on her door one evening she starts to wonder what else was kept from her.  Does Trey know more than he is letting on?

Sometimes the truth hurts.

In Dillan's case, it could kill her.

So yep... done self-promoting, but if you all are interested definitely consider following that blog. I also post episodes of another story (based in the same ficitional city of Midtown), I am picking it back up this week.

See? I am a busy bee.

Doing my best not to be grumpy about the "pause" in my weight loss progress though I imagine others feel scared that they woke up and the weight won't resume disappearing. And I have been guilty of NOT getting in physical activity like I should be. I need to create a schedule, post it somewhere and just stick with it. I like working out too. Just have been letting being a grump get the best of me (hence my silence here too). At least yoga is one step in the right direction.