Saturday, July 23, 2011

Fitty & Click'n

First and foremost.....

I hit my first goal! 50 lbs down from my highest weight of 272!

That's right people... FITTY!

Secondly.... I got my first order of CLICK!

Holy crap...I love it.

I used my knock off bullet blender (its called a rocket lol) and made myself a plain mocha frappe. Just ice, water, and two scoops.

SOOOOOO GOOD! Seriously. And no...the all caps is not from me drinking caffeine... I swear lol.

I love that it isn't too sweet, its just enough sweetness mixed with the taste of expresso. I cannot wait to try out some recipes as well as come up with my own .

Being a former Starbucks Frappe addict, this a perfect match for me in the mornings. I have already subscribed so that I get enough to have 1 in the morning all month. 

The rest of my protein I have been getting in via actual food, but mornings I prefer protein drinks. Except I couldn't find anything I like.

Problem solved hehehe.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Because I have slacked so hard this week...

I've updated pics, vlog AND measurements!

Here we go!

And for even more excitment!

And finally....

So there... :P


Monday, July 11, 2011

2 month Surgiversary!

So today is my 2 month surgiversary! Time has just flown by and I am amazed.

Today as I sit here I am down to 225.2!!!!

Thats 40lbs down from my weight before i started my pre op diet!

over 46 lbs down from my hightest (so near 50 i can smell it!)

Tonight after grocery shopping is going to be a vlog as well as In progress pics and measuring to mark the occasion!

And then a proper post later in the week to let you all know what else is going on with me...well actually I may just say all that in the next vlog :) Im feeling lazy !

Friday, July 1, 2011

I missed you!

Hey all!

Well I had thought I uploaded a video last weekend but apparently it never loaded. Oh well. I'll just try and get one in this weekend.

My long month of training at my second job is over! As of last night I took my last test and then celebrated with a few fellow classmates via an xbox live party! I am a nerd and I fully admit to that. In a couple more weeks my schedule will be reduced and I should be better able to set up a regular workout schedule and blogging schedule. I miss posting on here regularly. I also want to catch up with all the blogs I follow.

Speaking of I see a couple new followers... if you want to post you blog in the comments I'd love to check out your blogs!!

So is everyone ready for the long weekend? My nephew is going to be over so I am excited to bond with him this weekend. Other than that I plan to relax a little. Get in some reading, video gaming and relaxing.

Also... I am no officially below 230!


Happy 4th indeed!