Monday, February 20, 2012

Soooooo Close..

So I sorta broke my stall...sorta. Now instead of bouncing back and forth between 183-180 I am bouncing between 179-180. I'll take it. I am now 7 lbs away from being 100 lbs down!

Craziness.....and I am not mad that I haven't hit 172 yet.... because here is the comparison.

Long before surgery and probably close to my biggest of 272...very unhappy.
Me last weekend at 179 lbs!

By the way I went out in public INCLUDING a restaurant and pumping gas like this and didn't even care! hehe

Also, I have some good news. The stressful work situation is now resolved. I moved to a different department at work so the great source of recent stress in my life is more or less gone. I feel even more energetic and like I can concentrate on more important things. Granted...I took a pay cut. But sometimes your sanity is much more important than money. It's fucking priceless thank you.

So if you can't tell roller derby is more or less an obsession of mine. I just love it. It has been helping keep me sane as things had escalated at work. Never underestimate how much better hitting someone can make you feel after a horrible day :) 

Now that I have a bit more focus since my mind isn't preoccupied with work crap, I am starting a workout challenge. You can find it on FB and its the Roller Derby Workout Challenge 2012  . I started late but am doing the workouts and going more with the nutrition guidelines closer to when I was first pre op, except a bit more calories obviously.  

I just finished day 1, and since my practice days are on different days (tomorrow and thu) I swapped the workout days. So today I did the Roller Derby Workout DVD. Ladies, I reccomend this. even if you don't skate or even own a pair, it is an awesome workout. I am feeling the burn. 50 minute workout and it kicked my ass :)  

I am going to be sure to update on my progress through this challenge as I am very excited to see what sort of results I can get out of this, both healthwise as well as what I can bring to my game. This is going to be my first season and I want to be the best I can :)

See ya soon!


Thursday, February 2, 2012

And then life happened...

Poopiest excuse... I know.   I need to start myself on a schedule again. With everything. I think with all the changes surgery brought into my life I just got swept up by it all.

So for those you that might happen by after all this time of my blog being basically silent, how have you all been?

I am about 40 lbs off from where I want to be...but just cant seem to break out of the 180s. Seriously.

I am not gaining, which is good and I know I am still getting in shape...but nothing...

I'll be honest, I have not been eating perfectly, but I have a strong feeling a lot of this is stress related. I am at roller derby practice 4 hours a week alone and then normally skating over 12 miles in less than 2 hours once a weekend...and that's not the only working out I usually get in either.

I have a strong feeling the stall is stress related...but I think I am going to start tracking my intake again...just to see where I am at.

Work has been...challenging and all too consuming to say the least... I am working on a resolution for that...though I am not sure what it is yet.

I am still doing derby! And I absolutely love it. In fact its something I look forward to  each practice night. That too...tends to eat up a lot of my time... A LOT.....

but it makes me extremely happy...unlike work lol.

I just finished doing my skills test and passed everything but doing 25 laps in 5 minutes. I was only off by 15 seconds though. After that I am seriously considering a week of doing full liquids... maybe it will help break the stall....Thoughts?

Finally I leave you with some fun pics. And a video of my derby team.

Slamaretto Sour, Pebbles Flinchstone, myself (DoubleTap), and T-wrecks. Skating down that bridge was scary and completely exhilarating!

PS. I'm saying "whats your roller derby?" name at about 48 seconds, and you can see me weaving through the other girls at 57 seconds... im in the light blue leggings..

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Holy smokes, 7 months and 87 lbs!

Doing a quick video update! I will be resuming posting though shortly :)

Monday, September 12, 2011

More on hair loss and other things...

I have to admit the hair loss is freaking me out a lot more. Most notedly was during and after Saturday's shower. As most of you know I cut my hair short because I expected this to start happening. And as most of your post-ops know, hair generally comes out the most in the shower. Well quite a bit was coming out during that shower. I had to clean the drain, even with my short short hair.

Around my ear and on the sides of my head I think is most noticeable.
While getting ready to go out and doing  my hair I noticed just how easily I can see my scalp on the sides of my head...that really depressed me. I expected and knew about this but it is really sucking and I feel like I am going to go bald...even though I shouldn't actually go bald.

Considering Saturday was the 8 year anniversary of the day my dad died, it wasn't a really good day starting off.

Well it wasn't all terrible. I am now at 206.4lbs. That is something to celebrate even if I still feel like I am not making a lot of headway.

I have been working on pushing up my physical activity too. If you watch my youtube channel you will know, but for those who don't or haven't recently, I started training and conditioning with a local roller derby team.

I am currently a newbie on the Thunder City Derby Sirens team out of Deland. I have to admit it is starting to take over my life and is somewhat of an obsession as of lately. (and a big reason I haven't been online very much at all.

I have practices Tuesday and Thursday  for an hour and a half.

I also bought  this skate package as well as a set of outdoor wheels and as soon as they arrive I plan on doing a lot more skating practice on my own.

Sure-Grip Rebels with Invader plates ...mmm delicious...

Even though since starting I have been making progress, just like with my weight loss, I still feel like I am behind the pack (literally since thats what it's called when you are skating in the group in derby haha).

But I am keeping my chin up and I want to see this through and get to a point where I will be able to actually play.  I am still doing yoga as well since I think it is good to balance me out and also helps with balance and core muscles that I need for roller derby.

What are you up to? How are you moving?

Monday, August 22, 2011

Stepping up the game...

I feel like I am not doing enough...

It is sooo easy to get caught up when things feel like they are dragging and then next thing you know you are not doing very well.

Foodwise I am mostly behaving, but I could do better. I need to cook up other stuff, make things more interesting. I have been so tired that I haven't really wanted to do much cooking.

Speaking of tired, I am pretty sure it had to do with my low levels of Vit D. Got blood test back and that was low. Everything else looked pretty good. Iron was a little low but my multi vitamin has it in it.

Some good news- my A1c came back in normal range... it is not at a diabetic level! so does that mean no more type 2? Who knows, supposedly it is for life, but at the very least I am keeping it in control and not having to take anything for it.

I went and got one of those 7 day pill reminder cases so I don't have the excuse of forgetting my pills when I leave for work. I filled it up for the whole week and leave it in my purse. It's working like a charm and I am getting all my vitamins in now. Hopefully I see an improvement with hair and energy...

Nutritionally- I am doing pretty good...

Physically- I am slacking... I need to start moving my ass...big time. I know I could be doing so much more better if I got in regular exercise. Part of it honestly was the low vit D, because all I wanted to do was sleep. It makes sense because its been so rainy here and I have been working long hours, so very little sun.

But part of it has just been me being lazy... so I am thinking, at least some yoga, as well as toning, and some aerobics. 3 nights a week, more if possible. maybe an hour to an hour and a half of my time on those days.

I am sticking the pin-up photo shoot I bought in front of me like a carrot. I want to look the best I can by end of January so I can do this shoot and feel sexy. I've said before, maybe I can't reach goal, but I can get myself close anyways. thats 6 months away...

Truthfully sometimes I really doubt myself, and I know I need to cut that out. I can get to goal, I can reach a much lower weight (one I have never even seen in my adult life). But sometimes it still feels like a really far off dream. You know how you look around sometimes and see others that have done it, and it's like, could that really be me? I so badly want this. Some days its easier to visualize it than others though. Today is rougher...but I think days like this are what make or break you, they matter most because you have to just push through them and keep going. Other the week I lost a ton of weight  are a cake walk (minus the cake lol). The hard days are what get you to the good days again.

I suppose that is true for life in general and not just the journey of losing weight.

So, how is your day going?

Thursday, August 18, 2011

In my face :P

Sometimes a picture can speak volumes more than any words. That is all I have to say today :)

In Seattle, 1 month before surgery and 265 lbs
Yesterday, 213.2 lbs