Monday, May 2, 2011

I'm Jenneye the Sailor Girl!

First and foremost I was going to wait to say this til tomorrow since tomorrow will be 1 week since I started the pre-op diet, but
I'm down below 260!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 259.6 lbs to be exact....but nonetheless still awesome!

That is a total loss of 6 lbs since I started my pre-op diet (I was 265.6 lbs last Tuesday). Let's see if we can't add a little more, hehehe. The only downer is that my engagement ring STILL won't come off my finger. I'd hate to get it cut off....but its looking that way. At least my wedding band seems like it has a fighting chance of coming off. Will probably head to a jeweler's on Friday. *sigh* I had my uncle try and take it off...he is a strong guy. He made me hold my finger in ice cold water til it felt like it was going to fall off, then sudsed it up with dish soap...and nothing...

This weekend was pretty nice and relaxing. I didn't do my work at home job this weekend because next weekend is going to be hell...right up until the day I leave . ( 12 + hours shifts for 3 days). Sunday afternoon I went to my aunt's house and hung out with my mom, nephews, aunt, uncle, and my big brother. My aunt had a little outburst when I was talking to my mom about following the pre-op diet, (the usual "why dont you just eat like that and NOT have surgery!?" reaction A LOT of people get), but other than that things were fine.

I think most my family has moved from being completely against it to just being concerned about the surgery itself and curious about what it all entails. My aunt and I were actually talking about how they cut the part of the stomach off and I explained to her about the staple gun and how it shoots off 3 rows of staples on either side as it simultaneously cuts. Like me, the technicalities of how surgeries are actually done is intriguing to her. I think she also liked the fact that I could tell her approximately how many Sleeve surgeries my surgeon has done and the fact that at least some of his training was in the US. (YEAHHHH... DROPPIN THE KNOWLEDGE BOMB!)

Finally I have to say that I LOVE the Myfitnesspal app on my android phone. I have been keeping track religiously of my food and been very compliant. I had been feeling great (after the first couple days) but then this morning i felt just horrible (weak, shaky, nauseated). I thought to look at my last few days of food logs and noticed one big difference. I barely got any iron in over the weekend. The days I had spinach the night before with dinner I had felt awesome. I also got in about 70% of the RDI (recommended daily intake of iron). Coincidence? I think not! Whenever I used to get my period (pre- Mirena days) I would get to feeling the same way and my flow was very heavy. I think at least until I get to eating food again I am going to look into taking iron supplements.

Apparently I am like Popeye, since eating spinach made me feel better and more energetic.

This also makes me wonder if Popeye had an iron-deficiency....hmmm

I am probably going to get full labs done 3 months post-op and then keep going from there regarding supplementation. I just thought it pretty cool that since I'd been using that app I could actually visualize what is actually in my diet and why it may be effecting my body the way it is.

Also I can't wait to get home and eats me spinach! (I promise I won't try and squeeze the can and catch it mid-air in true popeye style though...that would just make a mess)

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