Thursday, February 2, 2012

And then life happened...

Poopiest excuse... I know.   I need to start myself on a schedule again. With everything. I think with all the changes surgery brought into my life I just got swept up by it all.

So for those you that might happen by after all this time of my blog being basically silent, how have you all been?

I am about 40 lbs off from where I want to be...but just cant seem to break out of the 180s. Seriously.

I am not gaining, which is good and I know I am still getting in shape...but nothing...

I'll be honest, I have not been eating perfectly, but I have a strong feeling a lot of this is stress related. I am at roller derby practice 4 hours a week alone and then normally skating over 12 miles in less than 2 hours once a weekend...and that's not the only working out I usually get in either.

I have a strong feeling the stall is stress related...but I think I am going to start tracking my intake again...just to see where I am at.

Work has been...challenging and all too consuming to say the least... I am working on a resolution for that...though I am not sure what it is yet.

I am still doing derby! And I absolutely love it. In fact its something I look forward to  each practice night. That too...tends to eat up a lot of my time... A LOT.....

but it makes me extremely happy...unlike work lol.

I just finished doing my skills test and passed everything but doing 25 laps in 5 minutes. I was only off by 15 seconds though. After that I am seriously considering a week of doing full liquids... maybe it will help break the stall....Thoughts?

Finally I leave you with some fun pics. And a video of my derby team.

Slamaretto Sour, Pebbles Flinchstone, myself (DoubleTap), and T-wrecks. Skating down that bridge was scary and completely exhilarating!

PS. I'm saying "whats your roller derby?" name at about 48 seconds, and you can see me weaving through the other girls at 57 seconds... im in the light blue leggings..

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Sheila said...

SO happy that you are out loving life and that Roller Derby makes you happy. I know someone who does RD also and she loves it too! I think the stalling is just a part of the deal. Just keep working your sleeve and you will get there. I'm 15 months post-op and just lost -6lbs this last month. Such a shock after being stalled for what seemed like an eternity!!! Glad you are still blogging, looking forward to hearing more from you!