Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Things have been very busy at work, and just with me in general.  All good things though.I meant to do a video update this weekend but didn't get around to it. Feeling a bit under the weather this week.

I really don't have too much to talk about. My weight isn't budging for the last couple weeks which makes me a little grumpy... but I am paying more attention to my protein, as well as trying to start doing exercise regularly.

I started a yoga class on Saturday mornings. Its basic Hatha yoga and I loved it. My muscles were a little sore after, but in a good way. One of my best friends, Andrea, had been asking me to go with her and I am glad I finally did. I'll be definitely going regularly with her.

They also are trying out a bollywood dance class and I may go to that to check it out. I love dance classes and loving watching bollywood type dancing. Ive previously taken belly dancing classes and loved that. While still in school I did ballet, hip hop and tap. Dance has always been a love of mine. In fact one of the things I am thinking of doing closer to goal is a burlesque dance class.

Also, if you saw my last video you  know I have gotten back to pursuing a career as a writer. Well I finally finished my first draft of my debut novel AND am currently revising it before I hand it over to two beta readers (think like beta testers). If you are curious and dont mind my shameless self promotion, you should check out my author blog.

In case you are curious about what I am writing  here is the blurb from the back cover and the front of the book cover.

A year ago, Dillan witnessed Jamie-her fiance, being murdered.
But now, she is about to discover a secret he had been keeping from her.
A twin brother named Trey.
But when his estranged brother knocks on her door one evening she starts to wonder what else was kept from her.  Does Trey know more than he is letting on?

Sometimes the truth hurts.

In Dillan's case, it could kill her.

So yep... done self-promoting, but if you all are interested definitely consider following that blog. I also post episodes of another story (based in the same ficitional city of Midtown), I am picking it back up this week.

See? I am a busy bee.

Doing my best not to be grumpy about the "pause" in my weight loss progress though I imagine others feel scared that they woke up and the weight won't resume disappearing. And I have been guilty of NOT getting in physical activity like I should be. I need to create a schedule, post it somewhere and just stick with it. I like working out too. Just have been letting being a grump get the best of me (hence my silence here too). At least yoga is one step in the right direction.


Samantha said...

I can't wait to read your novel! Don't worry about the weight not budging.. mine isn't either. Stalls are normal! As long as your doing everything right.. it'll come off!

Lee Ann said...

How exciting Jenn! I might have already told you this but I love the design/layout of your blog. Super cute. And burlesque! That's awesome. I've always wanted to go to a burlesque show but I'm definitely not brave enough for a class (maybe some day?)

Jenn said...

Lee Ann- Thanks! I love playing with photoshop and dabble in web design(blogspot makes it easier to dabble hehe).

I definitely am too chicken to do the burlesque class now...but soon...soon grasshopper!

Samantha- Hopefully I will have it out sometime in December, But I will definitely let you know!

I haven't been perfect diet-wise, but havent been horrible either. Though it seems the weight is starting to inch down again so... I am going to keep upping my movement. (and water intake)