Friday, August 12, 2011

A new low...

My stall broke! Wahoo!

Im sitting pretty at 214.8 lbs today and dropping! So far about 6 lbs gone just this week. 3 months since surgery as of yesterday as well! Stalls are always a little scary, but just have to work through them and keep going. I've come to the realization that sometimes my body likes to do this.

Regardless of how well I am eating or exercising it still is reminding me that it is the head general... and it decides when...
Actual recreation of my weight loss process

Hold it....

Hold it.....

And GO! Charge!

So yea... I'll be keeping on doing what I am doing.  Watch my intake, get my butt moving...keep on going.

Now I haven't yet made a list of things I want to do when I reach certain goals...but now I have to say I have good reason to keep myself focused.

Yesterday on groupon I happened across this. That's right... 20 bucks for a pin-up/boudoir photo session ($100 value). I bought that groupon yesterday and I have until Feb 12, 2012 to use it. Now... obviously I cannot force myself to be down to my goal weight by then...though anything IS possible. But I can work hard and get my body in the best shape I can before then and have a fabulously sexy photo session.

If you haven't guessed by my banner, I absolutely love vintage looking pin-ups. My kitchen is red white and black with b&w framed postcards of betty page everywhere. So when I started on this journey I had decided that one way I would celebrate goal is by getting pin-up photos of myself. But you know what. I am going to celebrate me even when I am not at goal yet because I deserve it.

I think if I stick to it, regardless of if I am at my magical goal weight yet, I am going to have some sexy ass photos of myself.

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