Friday, August 5, 2011

Yoga Bugs, Hippies, Zombies, and RumpShakers

Something stranged happened this week at work. It wasn't any more stressful than usual.But something in me  

Seriously. Andrea and I are talking about doing 2 classes tomorrow instead of just the one. The second class is a bit more easy going. (It's called Big Beautiful Yoga and is aimed more towards plus-sized ladies and is a bit more gentle on you).

Also, I may have bought some new yoga gear. Like these tanks I found on clearance at target...

And a pretty purple yoga mat with a lotus flower on it :) As well as a carrying strappy thing for it :).

You have to have a mat for class and I have committed to going to these regularly now so I bought a premium one that was a bit thicker. I had a cheaper one from walmart but it ripped :(

Also I may be upgrading to a mat bag, will be convenient to carry my things around  in when we go to this event next month!

Rasa-Lila, which can be freely translated from Sanskrit into “the dance of love”, has all the makings of a nationally sought after yoga and wellness festival. Like some of its older and more seasoned festival counterparts, Rasa-Lila offers festival goers a complete one-day retreat package in a breathtaking and engaging natural setting.

Yoga - 11 different styles
Music & Entertainment - 9 musical acts
Meditation & Pranayama
Lectures & Worksops - 20
Kids Festival
Vendors - 60 local artist, restaurants and wellness specialists

I have been toying with getting into doing 5k's again. Really I only ever did one, but it was fun. I just am frugal and don't like to spend the money :( However, if this comes to Orlando... I am doing it...and training hardcore for it.

A zombie infested 5k obstacle course!!!!!!!
For those that don't know... I love everything zombie. My car is affectionately known as The Zombie Hunter and has a sticker on the back that reads "zombie outbreak response vehicle"

I'm sure I'd be amusing to watch trying to get through this 5k as I am so easily startled in everyday situations. 

Seriously the hubby can scare me so bad I shriek just by staring at me while I do my makeup in the mirror (if I didn't realize he was standing there).

He enjoys doing this regularly too. 

Me being chased by zombies that pop out of the woods at me would be hilarious for any spectator.

You know... I have noticed since I can't obsess over food anymore (seriously it's like a switch was shut off when my surgery was done) I find that I am throwing myself head long into other endeavors such as the yoga and writing and I love it. Most of them are healthy....maybe except my increased amount of time playing video games (but hey, that can be a good stress reliever too!)

One good video game I am doing is Dance Central on the Kinect. Some of the dances aren't toooo challenging or intense, but as you move down the song list and bump up the difficulty you can give yourself a decent aerobic workout!.Also you can put on workout mode and it estimates time dancing and calories burned.

Here are vids of people dancing to my 3 of my fave songs to dance to on it (and in my opinion they give GREAT workouts!

Also the video game guy is my favorite character to dance with hehehe. I <3 emo boys :)



and also

Push it

You will NOT  see ME filming myself doing these on my youtube channel though....sorry kids :)

Anyways.. I suppose that is all today. Feeling better now that I am getting in working out. Scale is sort of moving. Though I am not updating til it gets back below 219.8 since that was what I had last recorded (I think).

Have a great weekend! I'll try to do a video update at some point!

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