Wednesday, March 16, 2011

2nd Job Update

My last entry was brief, but yes I found a second job. It is somewhat unconventional but better than selling Mary Kay (not that I have anything against that, just don't have the start up money or the time for it with my surgery nearing).

I did have to pay a little out of pocket, but through research I ensured that the company was legit before spending. Initially I only paid for the background and credit check, then once approved I paid for the rest of it. Also thanks to a free Amazon Prime free trial I got free 2 day shipping on my equipment I needed. Still need to purchase printer ink (only buying black!), but that can wait til payday.

So aside from time spent training, my overall investment was

50-background & Credit check
39-phone jack install (Not due til next month!)
10- 50' Cat6 Ethernet cord
63- Plantronics corded phone & headset
$162- Grand total (plus the added monthly 27 for phone service)

Not to shabby... Once I get my phone service hooked up on Saturday (hopefully the guy comes early) I should be able to start taking calls a few hours later. I will keep you all posted on how it goes. Wish me luck!

I have to say I have fantasized about being able to work from home for a long time. Maybe eventually this could become a full time gig. At the very least it will be nice to be able to bring extra income into the house.

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