Saturday, March 5, 2011

My Coke Addiction

Ha! Before you think I mean something else I am talking about Coca-Cola...specifically Coca-Cola Cherry Zero. I absolutely love this soda. I was so happy when this flavor came out and it has been a staple in the house. I still drink lots of water during the day, however I usually would have 1-2 cans of this stuff each day.

As much as I love it, I am slowly saying goodbye. I can't just rip it off like a band-aid, though strangely that worked for smoking. (I wasn't nearly as addicted to smoking ). It kind of scares me that I didn't realized I was addicted to soda until I have tried cutting it out.

But alas, I am not just changing the shape of my stomach with this surgery, I am making a huge lifestyle change and soda does not belong in this new world. And unlike cigarettes it is much harder t avoid soda. It's everywhere. At every restaurant, at the gas station, at work in the vending machines, at every party. People as a whole are addicted to sodas if you really think about it. I don't care what you say either, this stuff IS addicting!

Now there is more and more stuff being brought to light regarding soda being well as bad for your health. Increased risk of stroke and/or heart attack? Leaching Calcium from you? Regardless of if these are definite risks of drinking any soda It is just another reason to give it up.

Now as much as I love drinking water a lot of the time...I cannot do it all the time. Things get too bland. When I feel like I need some cleansing I drink water. It has amazing benefits to so much of your helps the kidneys to work, helps your skin, helps everything. But it gets boring. So I have armed myself for those times when I feel bored. In addition to the Crystal light single packets I keep in my purse and in my cabinet I have loaded up on tea!

Madi and I went out this weekend and bought a ton of tea at The Spice and Tea Exchange. Both of us are huge tea lovers, and I previously only had a few flavors of tea. I love to shop at The Spice and Tea Exchange because the tea is loose (unbagged) and you use a just makes me feel like a fancy bitch basically! :) Here is our loot (along with my other teas ).

Madi Loves black tea, and I am more into green & herbal teas (but I make exceptions for sweeter black teas) . Here is what we bought.

Bombay Chai (Madi's pick)

Incredibly aromatic blend reminiscent of an Indian street market. Black tea leaves blended w/cinnamon, cardamom, orange, pepper, and cloves. Steep with water & milk for a unique flavor. Higher caffeine content.

Earl Gray (Madi's pick)

Classic English Tea. Gold tips of organic Black Tea leaves are blended with the citrus nuance of Bergamot, for a smooth and rich cup. Higher caffeine...

Orange Dulce (Madi's pick)

Ceylon and China Black teas are blended with orange slices, jasmine blossoms, and other fruits to make this rich and refreshing tea. Higher caffeine..

Coconut Oolong (my pick)

This special grade of green tea is produced in the high-elevation tea gardens of Hubei, China. A smooth & mellow cup, with a sweet aroma and the slight flavor of toasted chestnuts. Moderate Caffeine.
Almond Cookie (my pick)

Warm & toasty cinnamon and almond mixed with fine black tea make for an incredible dessert tea. Perfect to curl up with on those chilly evenings.

Marrakesh Mint (my pick)

*this one I went with because of lots of people suggesting minty teas after surgery to help with nausea*

Very refreshing tea made of China green & gunpowder tea leaves mixed with mountain peppermint. Also great as an iced tea. Moderate Caffeine.

I have gotten to try all the ones I bought and like them a lot! My favorite being the Marrakesh and the Almond Cookie tea (I had previously bought the latter though so I knew I loved that one!) Others that I have from them and still love:

Mango Green

Flavorful green tea leaves mixed with Calendula flowers & natural Mango make for a nice fruity blend. This is a naturally decaffeinated green tea. No caffeine.

Mystic Dragon

A blend of fine Japanese Sencha and Chinese Dragonwell tea is combined with wild strawberry and rhubarb, to create a very fragrant and luxurious tea. This refreshing combination is also great as an iced tea. Try using this tea in the fruit infuser teapot with oranges----beautiful and refreshing! Moderate Caffeine.

Since the diffusers I bought don't have any sort of wait to keep them from falling in, I made some lil charms to weigh them down while you steep the tea. By the way I am pretty sure I can't do the honey after surgery but damn is it good right now with tea... nonetheless I have a ton of Splenda on hand for when the time comes.

It is adding small things like the little charms that will not only help me with steeping my tea but make those cups of tea I drink a bit more special.... and more luxurious than popping open a can of soda!

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