Saturday, March 12, 2011

Food Funerals and Job Update

I got an awesome response from people on ObesityHelp regarding my first vlog! I think I shall definitely have to keep that up. I have a good idea for one that I may possibly do tomorrow.

In other news, cross your fingers for me... I may be starting soon as a work at home phone agent with LiveOps. I have heard both good and bad about them and don't expect to be making tons and tons overnight, but if things work out with them this may be the best 2nd job for my situation (going out of town in in April and then May again...recovery time etc). The pay by the minute so I only get paid when I am actually on the phone. Still no news back from the other places I interviewed at... damn you economy....straighten yourself up!

Seeing as I am having to cut out lots more than soda and cigarettes, Madi and I decided I should have propering mourning of my favorites. I know...I KNOW...not exactly healthy. Well just so you know I am not going on a week long food bender... about once a week we have indulged in one of the favorites that I will have to say good bye least for now. Maybe one day I can enjoy them again...but in much better moderation. We have dubbed these occasions Food Funerals.... The rest of the week I have been mostly behaving, doing my best. In fact I started supplementing breakfast and lunch with protein shakes (also a way to test some out etc before surgery).

Right now we are having a beer funeral... DOS EQUIS! Yep.....buh-bye alcohol. I had some leftover in the fridge so we are getting rid of it and not getting anymore.

Tomorrow is Moe's food funeral.... goodbye home-wrecker burrito!

Yesterday we took my niece to go pick strawberries and it totally killed my back to bend over and pick them (she is only three so... I did most the work for her lol). I kept thinking about surgery. Maybe next year this won't be such a taxing task to perform. I'm going to go...finish off this beer with Madi (don't worry I am not getting fact I don't even feel tipsy... I think we may just have to throw out the rest of these lol).

See ya'll later!

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