Monday, April 18, 2011

Culinary Adventures with Jenn

Yesterday was quite the shopping and cooking success! I not only packed a beautifully delicious and healthy lunch to combat it being the start of the work week, but I also made a dinner that was a hit! porn ahead :)

How can anybody be grumpy about it being Monday when they have an adorably packed lunch with a strawberry Ramune waiting for them come lunch time?

Below is all three bento compartments, the bigger one has 2 hard boiled eggs, cut in half with sliced turkey and kraft cheese star cut outs and spirals. There were originally more spirals but Ms. Lainey Dog stole 4 while my back was turned...bad doggy. The square container is holding a salad with cherry tomatoes and small apple chunks, and lite raspberry vinaigrette

A close up of my delicious protein.. OM NOM NOM NOM!

A close up of the squar container...because its adorable :)

Finally, a picture of dinner. Black bean burgers that I baked, added cheese and put on whole grain bread. Baked sweet potato fries made with olive oil, sea salt, and dried rosemary.

I also made iced ginger peach tea, but it is not done just yet... fending off the soda pop :) It feels somewhat relaxing to have healthy food planned out for the week and to know that I am also contributing to others eating yummy but healthier food than we have been eating lately. I also want my hubby and my bestie to be healthy as I become healthy.


FreeJulie said...

How cute! I bought cute little bento box stuff awhile back with the intentions of making the kids' lunches...hasn't happened yet. :) Someday! This is an adorable lunch.

Jenn said...

thanks! Was quite delicious and fun to eat at lunch. I suppose I am still a kid at heart hehehe. I hard boiled the eggs on the weekend so that all i need to do is shell and slice them and cut up the meat and cheese. Keeping the lunches simple and not actually "cooking" them seems to be working well.