Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sound the alarms

So one of my fears pre-op has happened. Most of my side of the family found out and are freaking out that I am going to Mexico for my surgery. They also keep confusing my surgery with both the lap band AND gastric bypass. (people do that ALLLL the time, just assume I am getting RNY... most of them don't even know what a gastric sleeve IS... including one of my aunts who is a nurse).

Then there was also lots of guilt trips. Like, that I didn't care enough about them to tell them I was going. One aunt keeps leaving voicemails asking if I thought it over, and why dont I just "eat apples instead of going for surgery"....yep. (she is not completely all there up top. but still always finds ways to offend me).

So I am doing my best to just grin and bear it and not really talk about the surgery at all around them because I don't want to keep hearing how stupid I am being.

One aunt tried to "sympathize" with me by telling me how much she wants a face lift and could get one cheaper in another country, but she doesn't feel the risk is a good idea.

Okay... not getting a facelift will not adversely effect your health. I had to stay home Friday because I had a really bad reaction to sushi rice that made me feel horrible all day (I even checked my blood sugar and it was yeah idk). Maybe my diabetes might not go away from getting surgery but a lot of my other health risks will. I have other health issues that are all but cleared up with weight loss. To me... going to Mexico for this is worth the risk because I may end up in an early grave otherwise. So please, do not try and tell me that these wants are one in the same.

I spent nearly 45 minutes on the phone with this aunt, who while she said she wasn't trying to lecture me it was more or less that. She didn't think I was getting enough pre-op testing because in the USA you have to go see so many doctors before having the surgery (yes...because that gives insurance a better chance to deny you over something trivial). I explained to her the entire process and that I get down there and get pre-op testing, which includes, a physical, ekg, lots of bloodwork, etc. I also explained the surgery itself to her and how they test multiple times for a leak in my sleeve. She didn't really seem to listen and just said "well your mind is already made up, but I just hope you don't regret this or that something bad happens".

There is always the chance of something wrong possibly happening. Heck I know a girl that nearly died during the surgery for lapband (in the USA might I add) and SHE is even supportive of me.

Easter sunday was suprisingly uneventful with my family (the aunt from NY wasn't there and neither was the crazy one). My other aunt wasn't feeling too well (she is a poster child for just how horrible diabetes and obesity can make your life ...) . My brother did however ask a bit more about the surgery. I think he has gone from completely unsupportive to, interested but still worried about his little sister. I explained the surgery to him. The whole staples on my stomach thing scares him. But I think he is picturing like office staples because he asked what if they fall out? I explained how there are 3 rows of them as well as they sew over the staple line too.

Dinner was good, as I realized that was the last piece of my aunts' lasagna I would have in a long time, I totally savored it, and had some honey baked ham, and one red velvet cupcake. Most of the day over there I spent outside in the pool with my niece and nephews. We brought my dog over too but she just ran around the yard and steered clear of us while we were in the pool since she is scared of it.

I am ready to get these next two weeks over with. Maybe everyone will feel better once I am back in one piece.

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samiam4eva06 said...

Im so sorry that your going through all of that. At the very least it makes you absolutely confident in your decision, since your having to defend it. I'm 5 months post op and I still get the... that's the easy way out, why didn't you just diet, or you should be careful because of vlablabla. I don't really care anymore what you thinm
Im almost 70# down! Lol. So your skin will get a little thick but that's okay! <3