Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Here we go..

So Even though my surgery is 2 weeks from TOMORROW, I decided to start on my pre-op diet today. I just felt like it was time to truly buckle down. So far so good. Here is what is going on today.

1 scoop of Body Fortress Chocolate Whey protein
1 cup 1% Milk
Total Carbs: 16
Total protien: 34

Atkin's Advantage Milk Chocolate Delight Shake
Total Carbs: 5
Total protien: 15

Dinner Plans:
8 oz Chicken breast (boneless skinless)
Can of spinach
Total Carbs: 8 (approx...gotta check when i get home)
Total protien: 46

Puts me well within my Carb limit of 40-50 Max (im at approx 29gms)
Protien total is 95gms
Calories are approx 862

Hoping to see a decent loss in the next 2 weeks as most my days will look just like this (maybe an egg added in here or there I think).

Not much else to report really, I'm boring right now :P


Waning Woman said...

I had to do a two week preop diet, but honestly if I could have eaten up until the day before I would have. You will have plenty of time to lose the weight with the sleeve, so don't worry too much about it. It will put your ass in compliance, STAT! lol
Just do whatever is going to be best for you.

Skinny Minnie said...

Yuck.. I'm so not looking forward to that. Do you like your protein powder? I'm still on the hunt for some. Good luck on the next 2 weeks, you'll do great!!

C. Claus said...

Sounds like you're on your way - kudos! I truly believe getting an early start helped me so much post-op! Keep up the great work!

Sheila said...

You are doing great!!! Sometimes I *wish* I had to pre-op diet because I would be THAT much farther in the game, but realistically, it's fine, I figured if my surgeon didn't require me to pre-op then I wouldn't.

I just read your post about your family freaking out. I'm so sorry. It sounds like you are handling it really well though! I just went to my OB yesterday for my annual and he had NEVER heard of the sleeve either, but he was happy for me. :-)

Jenn said...

waning- lol @ the stat thing, i bet my sleeve will let me know who's boss lol.

skinny-my protien powder is okay... its from walmart (15 bucks a tub, cheaper if u get it online) called body fortress. I am doing chocolate (i wanna order the choc peanut butter though lol). thanks for the words of encouragement btw !

claus- I am! Down about 5 lbs so far (I've been peaking daily...im bad I know! But its keeping me going! Its my hope that this does help my recovery.

Thanks Sheila! I am kinda glad that they made me do a pre-op diet though i have to say it is really making things sink in now, finalizing things for me.