Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Because I'm a type A personality.

Last night I got a target gift card from my bank (part of their rewards program), so I headed there last nigth and got myself a new planner for 2011. I enjoy having a planner and tend to use it to right down both work related and personal stuff. I already know I am going to need to keep track of my eating and meal times post surgery, but I also want to track my emotions so I become more aware of my eating habits in relation to them. Maybe just the simple act of tracking them will help trigger me to question why I think I am hungry.
I found a cute little leatherette type one with stylish little ruffles on the strap closure and thought it suited me. It is a weekly one and I think it has sufficient space to track in it.

Last night was mostly good except I got a notice for jury duty in February. :( I am pretty sure my work does not compensate me if I have to serve so I am going to attempt to at least postpone having to do it. I honestly would like to go if I wouldn't take a huge hit in the wallet.

Come next month I need to be working at two jobs, not making 15 bucks a day at jury duty. Yep, it may only last a day, but I rather not have to take the chance. I looked at my little tracker... 3 months 2 weeks and a day til surgery. I know this time will "fly" by but it totally feels like it is dragging. I just want to be on the other side, so I can believe this is actually happening.

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