Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I found this image on Transitional Invariance, a fellow sleever's blog. It shows some of the issues that are resolved many times after bariatric surgery. This made me smile. I really do feel that this will improve my quality of life.

I was talking to my mom about the surgery yesterday and she is slowly becoming more and more supportive of me. She even agreed to keep it a secret from my aunts and I know not gossiping is hard for her lol. I really appreciate that she is respecting my decision to do this and respecting my privacy as well. Heck, she said she even is thinking about going for the surgery. I just worry about her going though. She is going to be 63 this year. I am very protective of my mom especially after my dad died back when I was 18. I rather I go for the surgery first and then later she goes after a thorough checking out. If she waits a couple more years maybe medicare might even pay for some of the costs. I should check into that for her.

I am getting antsy about doing our tax return. I am still waiting on the form from my school and am slightly scared that the amount we get back won't cover the down payment for the surgery like we planned. I love to worry so I am trying not to. I am thinking positive. Everything else is falling into place to make this happen...and so will the money as well as finding a second job.

I am probably booking the flights and taking care of mine and madi's passports whenever we do get the taxes back (she will pay me as soon as she gets a job and I honestly do trust her word and that she will be able to find something soon).

Last night at the store I saw some hello kitty toddler plate sets... freaking adorable. I am going to look around before buying my stuff for after surgery.

That's all for now. I will keep you posted :)

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