Sunday, January 30, 2011

Jumping Through Hoops

Something that should have been simple turned into quite the adventure. I had all the money I needed for my deposit... well sorta.

HR at my job messed up my direct deposit, so come payday I didn't get my paycheck. They gave me a paycard, but i couldn't pay the deposit via credit. The paycard also came with a way to write a check to yourself. So I did that and figured Friday when I get off work early I could just run to the bank, deposit it and get my money order to send off. Easy enough right?

Actually no. My old bank that I have been with for 10 years WOULD NOT cash it because I didn't have matching funds in the account. They informed me there would be a 3 day hold on it and the bitch at the counter was giving me a look like she didn't believe it was a real check...despite the instructions on the front of it to CALL ADP and verify it.

So then... I drive over to the new bank we had switched to (the reason I put in new direct deposit info to work). Since I haven't even had the account for 30 days there would be a 7 day hold...but at least they were more polite to me at that bank. A lady behind me in line suggested I run to Amscot across the street. Finally I get someone to cash the damn winds up costing me 18 dollars mind you... but at that point I had no choice. I needed to get everything into them by 2/4.

So Saturday morning we got the paperwork notarized at the bank then sent everything off at the post office via priority. I was relieved, excited, and over all still in shock that this all is actually going to happen in May.

This week Madi and I are going to put in for our passports... good news and FYI if you need to travel to Mexico for your surgery... you can get a passport card instead of the book for wayyyy cheaper. Since I don't plan on traveling to Europe anytime soon this is a good option for now since I need to pinch pennies. 30 bucks for me (since I am doing a name change it costs the same as for a renewal), and 55 for Madi's since she has never had a passport.

Once the tax return is in my account I am getting our flights booked.

Still left to do:

-Find second job to build savings back up
Been applying like crazy, calling the local places I put in apps to tomorrow.
-Purchase post-op supplies
looking into either Isopure, or Profect from Bariatric Advantage for the first week post op,
still haven't figured out what to do for protien shakes but im leaning toward soy since I
have lactose intolerance which equals lots of gas, and I imagine, lots of discomfort.

That's all for now


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