Sunday, January 23, 2011

Over the weekend...

This weekend was pretty uneventful, but great. One of my friends has been down from South Dakota so I had a 3 day weekend and spent time with her. We went and indulged in yarn on Thursday afternoon and have been knitting the whole weekend! Okay, yes we are nerds, but that is how we get down! :P

I finished on and a half socks and 1/8 of a scarf. She finished a full pair and a hat.

Friday we picked up my other friend and had a girls' day. Ate at this little German cafe that I love (delicious but light meals that fill you up) then walked up the main street to the used bookstore next door as well as the art gallery and a couple shops.

It was really nice spending time with two of my best friends.

Some other things I did were look into supplements etc and my pre-op diet. From what the guide says for it, I am pretty sure I can use what I have left from Medifast for my pre-op diet. So my pre-op plan to start May 1 ( i was told I only need to do 1 week, but am going to do 10 days)

approx 4-5 medifast meals a day and 1-2 meals of chicken and broccoli. I can totally do that for 10 days and want to ensure I prep myself for surgery the best I can.

Since other changes need to be made before then as well, I am going to ween myself off soda starting in April. I am a pretty casual cigarette smoker, but that too is going to be going away. Honestly I never had a huge problem with not smoking before and cigarette packs are getting expensive so I am not stressing about this one as much as I am soda lol.

Also doing some digging around for stuff about emotional eating and binge eating disorder to better arm myself and start trying to change my habits and coping mechanisms.

Well, back to work tomorrow. Fun Fun Fun.

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