Monday, January 31, 2011

Mean People Suck

I used to have a shirt that said that...and even though that was at least a good 12 years ago that I had that shirt, I still think the sentiment rings true. Now I suppose that the people I am talking about in this particular instance aren't exactly "mean" in the true sense of the word, but at the very least they are guilty of being rude and untactful...which to me is usually just as bad as mean.

I haven't told a huge amount of people at work, just a few that I have known a while. You get such mixed responses but in particular I knew this one lady would be open minded and not judgemental, and she wasn't. However one girl a few cubicles over heard us discussing me and weight loss etc. She didn't hear about the surgery, but anyways I was talking about how I feel like I look a lot older when I am heavier. She decides to pipe in and say "that's bull... weight has nothing to do with how old you look!" and I say let me show you what I mean. I pull out a pic of me approximately 3 years old. She says I look sixteen in the pic.... I WAS 23!!!! I tell her that and she is like, " well thats like 6 years old, that's not really a good comparison" I tell her that no it was only 3 years ago and she goes, then tells me she thought I was AT LEAST 30...

so... there went my self esteem for the day. Not that I think that 30 is a bad age, in fact I look forward to 30, but to be told you look an age you aren't yet sucks balls. And for her to say that weight doesn't effect how old you look is total bull. Just looking through the message board I frequent you can see how much younger people look in their after pics and how much happier they look.

I feel frumpy enough most days as it is, and really wish that she would have kept her mouth shut and not hopped into the conversation like she did.

On a happier note... I finished my new scarf... and thought you would like to put a face to a here is me and my new scarf :) Don't mind me... i look a bit rough...been sick all weekend

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