Thursday, January 27, 2011

Financial Fun With Jenn!

So my $500 deposit gets sent off tomorrow to beliteweight. I already had this amount from part of my last 2 paychecks. I was a tiny bit nervous that I would not get enough back on our income tax return to cover the down payment. Of course as it always seems to happen I received the last form I needed to file my taxes in the mail today.


Just enough to cover it :)

I am having it direct deposited into savings so it can stay there safely. I feel relieved, and still in shock that things are working out for this to happen.

Tomorrow I am going to work for 4 hours, then it's off to the bank to take care of getting the forms notarized and getting a money order, from there that reserves my date and my medical loan.

Next stop--passports and plane tickets!

Tomorrow evening I am having a Pure Romance Party. Will be fun to have a night with the girls and I am more than ready for it with this off my mind!

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