Monday, May 9, 2011

My Support System

Me, Robert, and Madi in Seattle

As my final pre-op days are dwindling down, I find myself thinking about the awesome people that have been there for me pre op and are going to be there post-op and I feel pretty blessed.

There is Robert, my husband, whom has always wanted for me to feel good about myself, and to be healthy. He has been and always was a big supporter of me in everything that I do. I know he wants me to succeed at whatever I try and is one of my biggest cheerleaders. Plenty times he has let his wants take a backseat over things I want or need. I am going to find a way to make this up to him. He is amazing.

Then Madi, she is the bestest friend I could ask for, she not once has been judgemental of me and is always supportive. We have fun and laugh together and when I'm upset she is there to listen to me. She puts everyone else first, including me (which sometimes drives me nuts lol). I couldn't be more happy to have her be able to come with me to Mexico. I know If I am feeling like shit, she will be sure to help me out or at least hold my hand. I know I could get through surgery on my own, but I am glad I don't have to. I am so grateful to have her in my life.

Michele, another amazing friend of mine that can knit up anything and everything and has always been supportive of me regardless of what I was doing. She is very happy for me getting the surgery, she even helped us out when money was tight and we had to expedite and upgrade Madi's passport, just so I didn't have to go alone. I wish she didn't live so far away, but that doesn't stop us from being such great friends. I plan to visit her when she moves even FURTHER away, from South Dakota to Oregon and get my knit on with her.

Dana and Chris, They are sitting at my house right now with Madi, waiting for me to get off work so they can visit with me one last time before the big surgery. I have known dana for sooo many years now, as well as her boyfriend, and they are family to me. I love them and they are awesome. Of my local friends, they live the furthest away, yet they seem to be the ones that visit us the most. That speaks volumes, especially with how much gas is. Dana is already excited about the thought of buying clothes in similar sizes :).

My MOMMY! Although she is worried, she is very happy for me and can't wait to see me lose. I am hoping in a couple years once she gets on Medicare, maybe she can get the surgery too. I love my mom, and despite our differences we have at times, that's never changed.

I have several co-workers that know about my surgery. I am not embarrassed by the fact I am having surgery. Nor should I be. Not one of them has been negative about it. As I get ready to leave them for a week and a half they all excited to see me when I get back and watch me shrink as the months go by lol. One of them today told me her and I need to have our last pow wow (chatting about the surgery) before I leave tomorrow.

And finally but not least by any means are my followers, on here and on youtube. I know some of you are a few steps ahead of me, others are a few steps behind...and some are right where I am. Either way I love reading your posts, I love reading your comments and I love the fact that we are able to find people we can relate to thanks to places like obesity help and blogspot and youtube.

Despite some family being very worried and against me going, even they are supportive in some way. But even so , reading back through what I just wrote I have a really awesome support system already. To everyone, thanks!


samiam4eva06 said...

Todays THE DAY!?! right? I am so excited for you!! Praying for a speedy recovery. You are going to do amazing with your journey! Keep it up!

Jenn said...

One more day! THanks for the comment and your prayers! I am hoping as well for a speedy recovery too hehe.