Saturday, May 14, 2011

Omeprazole and Me

So I noticed after a bit my new sleevie likes to act up. I would be doing my thing, sipping slowly, and taking breaks when I need to. But then BOOM chest feels like there is pressure. No matter what it won't go away. Finally I decided to take some of my acid reducer my dr gave me. Sure enough almost instant relief.

I havent been able to sleep and I felt hungry so I had half a syntrax nectar (leaving the rest for breakfast). Sure enough its been a good 12 hours since I last had my omeprazole and there is that same tightness. Again its gone nearly instantly after taking it.

This sleeve thing... definitely is a learning in progress type deal. You really can't explain things until you are on that side and then its like OHHHH thats how that feels etc.

I still can't sleep and the people in the room next to us are strumming a guitar and singing. I don't mind it at all, its actually pretty and soothing. Might just lull me back to bed. I suppose its a fitting end to my trip to Tijuana Mexico hehe. (reminded me of something el mariachi plays in desperado).

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Debi said...

Hi Jenn! I just found your blog thorough another, and am now Following you too!!

I was Banded on 11/19/09, and if the Sleeve had been available to me then, I probably would have had the Sleeve instead (I wish that it would have been an option for me then).

I am reading up on all the Sleeve Blogs that I can find, as I have been having some problems with my Band, as are others I Follow. So I am concerned that I will possibly need a revision Surgery in the next couple of years....and if so, I will opt for the Sleeve at that time. :(