Monday, May 9, 2011

Om nom nom

So Mother's day went well. Saw my mother and my one aunt (that hasn't really been on me about this surgery), as well as my brother, uncle, niece and my 2 nephews. Nobody talked about my surgery aside from asking when I left and my brother saying he would worry about me until I was home. It was a nice and laid back day with the family, then an equally relaxing evening at home with Robert and Madi.

I got the last bit of stuff I would need for my liquid diet. Makes me giggle that our whole grocery bill for the week (including a big bag of rachel ray dog food for Lainey Dog and a bag of Iams for the kitties) came to less than 50 bucks! I am doing mainly shakes these last 2 days just due to being busy. I might have chicken tomorrow night but meh. I am kind of sick of chicken. At least I had steak at my aunt's yesterday. THAT was yummy and instead of ketchup or BBQ sauce I put a bit of salsa on it! So good and way less carbs.

Now to get through the next 28 work hours without going nuts.

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