Wednesday, May 4, 2011

This needs to be said....

More passport drama has risen it's ugly head on the horizon. Hopefully we have avoided me going alone, but yesterday this was a real possibility. About 182 dollars later, Madi's passport SHOULD get here before we leave. Sadly I still can't say that it will be here for sure... what can I say? Sometimes you luck out and get your passport without issue, within 1 month. Other times you are just not so lucky.

So I am writing this post for the latter group. If you are having surgery in another country, this post is for you. I am even sticking this in the resources tab as I feel this is so important.

So first and foremost, IF you are seriously thinking of surgery in Mexico (or any other country for that matter) but have not made any plans, I would suggest you get your passports NOW. Don't wait. If you are researching doctors and looking at financing etc, get your passport NOW and whoever is coming with you's passport...NOW.

Just so we are clear... GET YOUR PASSPORT AS SOON AS YOU CAN!
DO NOT go by the "average processing times" listed online. If something comes up, and they feel that you need to be singled out and provide further info, this resets that processing time. This makes 4-6 weeks turn into 12 weeks.

GET THE BOOK & EXPEDITE! I thought that getting the passport cards would be the easiest thing. They were perfect as we are being driven into Mexico. Well mine came, no sweat, right in mid-March. Even after submitting her app within the proper amount of time, AND THEN submitting the additional documentation with OVERNIGHT shipping...Madi has no passport card still and has been told that the passport card WILL NOT get here before we leave. FYI too, they cannot expedite those. Get the book, expedite (they give those priority...because its all about the $$$ unfortunately). It may cost more but hopefully you will have less headaches.

If you are like us, and didn't order the passport book, and did not expedite, but are dealing with the strong possibility of NO passport... within 14 days of your travel date CALL the National Passport Information Center. You can upgrade to a passport book and expedite after the fact. Just be prepared to pay for it. We had to pay approximately $ soon as it is processed (within 5 business days..but often i hear they can be a little bit quicker), it will be overnighted.

If you are having fears that it will not get here in time, or if you have received communications stating they need further information, I would NOT HESITATE to contact your local congressman or state rep. They many times can at the very least get more people looking into where your passport is and have staff members that handle this type of thing daily.

You can look up your local officials by zip code, here.

When writing your letter, be polite, be professional. Here is a guide to writing them.

Finally, DO NOT GIVE UP! Keep calling the National Passport Information Center.

Keep checking your status here.


From the United States: 1-877-487-2778 TDD/TTY: 1-888-874-7793

Automated Passport Information is available 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Speak with a representative Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., EST, excluding federal holidays.


If you are facing any issues with getting a passport for either you or your companion I sincerely hope this helps you! If anyone else has more tips PLEASE FEEL FREE TO LEAVE THEM IN THE COMMENTS!




We recieved Madi's passport this morning! 24 hours after upgrading to expedited passport book! SUCCESS...well minus having to spend a crapload more :(

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