Saturday, May 21, 2011

Rapture Day & Family Time

So I am still here... I suppose I am a heathen hehe. Sorry I just had to.

I did happen to see a shirt in the parking lot of 7-11 and amused myself with the thought that maybe they were raptured...but then I was confused as to why they weren't apparently wearing pants when they were...

Anyways on to wls-related things. Today was a day surrounded by food I couldn't eat as I went to my aunt's for my nephew's 10th birthday! He was quite excited about hitting double digits. It went better than I thought. I did smell the burgers my uncle cooked out on the grill but wasn't tempted by them. I brought over protein, a cup of soup and a sf chocolate pudding for when everyone had cake. Speaking of my protein, I ended up going to back to GNC and getting more Green Tea Isopure. I tried to do the protein shakes I had gotten from wal-mart pre-op, but wouldn't you know it.... I found them repulsive (I almost puked) as well as I found it hard to keep the carbs at level I wanted.

So right now I am doing 1-2 bottles of Isopure per day, 1 cup of soup, and maybe a sf pudding if I feel like it. That would put me at roughly 37 carbs , and 40-80 grams of protein. Once I hit soft foods next week I plan to incorporate tuna, ricotta and the like and maybe have 1 isopure a day. I got the gold card at GNC so that when I get them it is a little cheaper. For now I really like them and I am a creature of habit. I rather be able to have some soup and some pudding right now without it blowing up the amount of carbs I take in.

Physically I am feeling nearly back to normal except that my larger incision is still kind of achey and red. It doesn't appear to be infected and I have kept it clean. I am a slow healer so this doesn't surprise me. The rest of them are just scabbed now and no pain. I am ready to get more physically active so slightly frustrated I need to wait about 3 more weeks. I suppose though I can just keep increasing walking and maybe try out some exercises on EA Active 2.0 on easy mode. I need to find my workout sneakers though first and foremost.

That's all for now, 1 more day being at home and then I return to the office! Excited to see some of my work buddies. Also I recieved the report back regarding my background and credit check for the other job and it looks like all things should be a go for me to start that on June 1st. I am pretty excited about it, though now we have to get Robert's car fixed because juggling one car is going to be impossible as my hours will completely clash with his. We also now need to figure out a system for when he gets home so that Lainey doesn't bark while I am on a call. (That will get me fired.).

Any good sound-proofing ideas? :)


FreeJulie said...

Good update! You are doing very well, it sounds like. Remember to take it easy when you go back to work. After I was back for about a week (I took two weeks off), I was getting pretty fatigued. It was all good, though.

I'm sneaking into the office early on Monday and will leave a pile of clothing in my desk chair for two of my coworkers' amusement. ;)

Jenn said...

thanks Julie! I am doing pretty good but noticing I am napping most days lol. I expect it will be the same when I go back to work.

LOL at the pile of clothes. Thats too funny :)

MamaMonner said...


Remember to REST when you go back! You'll need lots of rest to feel good.

Sheila said...

Sounds great and yay for saying no to temptation (cake!) Keep resting as much as possible and I remeber being frustrated at having to take 6 weeks off from my beloved Curves, (I did LOTS of treadmill walking in those 6 weeks) and once cleared for Curves again I promptly went an pulled an ab muscle. So take it easy while you can and just keep up with the walking!