Tuesday, February 15, 2011


So yesterday didn't go completely as planned meal wise. When I got home a bathtub was filled with a trail of rose petals leading to it and a bottle of wine was set out. Completely sweet and romantic and needless to say the bottle of wine is now empty lol.

Not to mention we ate at denny's last night. However, I chose a meal that wasn't completely horrible. Rather than getting pancakes etc I got their chipotle bacon chicken skilled with a side salad and fries (luckily they didn't give me that much fries). It filled me up and was pretty good.

I am bad and of course hopped onto the scale this morning. Down a couple pounds but I am not officially reporting anything til Sunday. But regardless, I am off to a good start and that makes me happy :) Might try to get back into working out tonight as well.

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