Thursday, February 3, 2011


It may not seem that I am a private person as I am broadcasting the fact that I am getting weight loss surgery on a blog for all to see, but when it comes to family and friends I have been more quiet about the surgery.

Aside from the judgement I get from some of them, (which I can care less about, I just rather not hear it!), the fact that many of them do not understand the procedure I am undergoing only adds to this frustration.

For example, I had told my aunt that I was going for the Gastric Sleeve and she starts rambling off about malabsorption. Yes, some issues with nutrition could arise after surgery but the gastric sleeve is a restrictive weight loss surgery, NOT a malabsorptive one like the RNY Bypass.

One of my best friends (Who is actually supportive) told me that her step dad had weight loss surgery and he is having all kinds of complications, so she hopes I don't get them. Guess what surgery he got? A lap band... While some people find success with the lapband, unfortunately much more have complications and end up having to get them removed. Some of the complications caused by a lapband that I have read about are actually quite horrible, and they were coming from people that ACTUALLY went through those horrible ordeals.

Not to knock either of those 2 procedures, but there is a reason I chose not to go with them. I don't like the long term issues with malabsorption with the bypass and I don't want something foreign in my body like a lapband. I want something permanent and proven. And thus far the sleeve procedure really seems to stand its ground in the weight loss surgery arena.

It would be nice if rather than judging and being negative about the outcome of the surgery, that people would ask what exactly my procedure will entail.

That's my rant for the day. Hanging around the forums got me to thinking about this as misinformation seems to come up quite a bit.

So for now I will settle with some of my friends and family just thinking I finally got the whole diet and exercise thing down...not that my stomach has been reduced to a fraction of it's former self.

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