Monday, February 14, 2011

Seattle, SlimFast, and Other Random Ramblings

Soo... I go to Seattle on vacay in less than 2 months now! Weee! Super excited! My best friend, and my husband are going with, and we are visiting my brother-in-law and his boyfriend!

While part of me feels like the days are crawling by til surgery, I realized last week that while yes it is a good time to research, save up money, figuring out my post-op food and supplements etc, it is also a great time to start losing on my own.

Money is kind of tight right now, so while it isn't the BEST option, I am doing 2 slimfasts, with small snacks (string cheese or sugar free pudding) and a sensible portion for dinner of what the hubs is making. Also, going to get back to using my EA Active 2 again. It really is a great way to exercise! I am fond of doing step aerobics with hand weights. I mute the tv, wear a pair of knee high socks (or my leg warmers lol) then put on my workout sneakers and rock off 300 calories or so. It keeps track of heart rate so gives me a good estimate on the calories burned.

If i can get off 10 or even 20 (I'm optimistic hehe) before seattle and before my surgery that would be awesome.
While we are in Seattle I plan on enjoying myself...but not going crazy. I know there are restuarants that my brother n law wants to take me to and foods I have never tried, so I am going to try them. Once I am home I have roughly one more month til my surgery (2 of those weeks will be my pre op diet anyways).

I think that If I could manage to lose 20-30 lbs before surgery on my own that would put me at a great starting point for surgery. Short term I can deal with fighting hunger when I know I don't need to eat but my body is acting like I do. (My body is talented in that if I tell myself I might be hungry, a few minutes later my stomach is growling...seriously...)

Hopefully surgery DOES help with that as it has helped others with the lil stomach gremlin (ghrelin hehe). At the very least the restriction certainly will.

Thats all for today! Happy V day!

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