Monday, February 21, 2011

Nightmares and Nerves

I seem to go through phases of not nervous and rearing to go, to other phases of scared shitless and not sure I can do this. Still no luck finding a second job, though I have been applying at a lot of places and checking back with them as well. Madi has also had no luck (though I made her a resume so maybe that will help her a little bit). Its stressful because I am worried about having enough money for...well everything. Im pretty sure we will be okay to getting back up to 3K in savings before May, but worried about having money to get things I will need before I get back from surgery, as well as paying back the financed portion of my surgery.

I am sure we will find a way to manage though and am going to try to keep a positive attitude about it. I have applied at so many places and tried my best to follow up with them...though some don't let you get in contact with them so I just have to hope to hear something. I am also a worried about our trip to Seattle as I am hoping we have some spending money (or at least food money) when we go there. Thinking about packing protein packets when I go so that can cover my breakfast (maybe lunch) and I only need to worry about paying for dinner. We'll see I guess. Hopefully something happens soon on the job front. Other things are progressing.

Possibly ordering some sample packs from Unjury and Syntrax soon.

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