Thursday, February 24, 2011

Pre-Op and Post-Op Lists

I started creating two lists for surgery:
Pre-Op (stuff to pack for Mexico) and Post-Op (stuff to have waiting for me when I get home).

From surfing the and forums, as well as referencing what beliteweight sent me, here is the lists I have made so far. I am sure I will come back and revise this if I add to it. Also...I will make a list of posts like this for others to reference!

Pre-Op List for Mexico
  • Using rolling luggage carry-on, on the way home Madi will probably be carrying my laptop bag for me.
  • workout/yoga pants (more than likely only bringing a couple pairs since I wont even be in them for part of the time in the hospital)
  • Wireless Bra (saw these at Kohl's...will probably just buy one)
  • Sports bra and/or a couple tanks with built in bra area (what can I say I like things secure, especially if I can't wear underwire)
  • Clean underoos (of course lol)
  • Travel size toiletries
  • Laptop and laptop bag
  • travel case of my fave DVD's
  • small firm pillow (for holding against my tummy when standing etc)
  • heating pad
  • mixing drink bottle
  • Gas-x strips
  • Girly pads (not even trying tampons after bending!)
  • flip flops and/or slip on sneaks
  • chapstick
  • Video Camera (plan to document my experience, It also can take pics)
  • zip up hoodie (yes I know May in Mexico and I am bringing a hoodie... )
  • My Kindle
  • My Nintendo DSi :)
  • Mp3 Player
  • Syntrex Nectar to-go packets to mix with my water.
  • Surgery Socks that I knitted! (To wear to keep my toes from getting cold and to walk around the hospital)
Post-Op stuff for when I get home

  • Vitamin Pack (getting 90 day supply from BRC
  • Isopure drink and/or Syntrex Nectar (Leaning towards Unjury for protein drinks after first week of clear liquids, may get the chicken broth protien for first week though)
  • instant broth cubes
  • SF Jello cups
  • Prilosec
  • Liquid Tylenol
  • measuring cups/spoons
  • food scale (won't really need til I get to food again)
  • baby dishes, forks, and spoons
Added to this I am planning on cleaning the house top to bottom before I go so it is nice and clean when I return (hopefully lol). I will get back Saturday evening on May 14th and have a whole full week from then to recover at home!

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